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Aluminum electrolyte grinding after the use and selection requirements

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-20

1、Extraction of recycled aluminum: aluminum electrolyte blocks, alumina surface shell material, aluminum ash and other aluminum-containing waste can be extracted from recycled aluminum after grinding into fine powder, which can be used in ceramics, metals, electronics, plastics and other fields.

2、Production of cryolite: The waste residue produced by the aluminum electrolysis industry is given to fluorine chemical enterprises for processing in the early days, because the waste residue contains a large amount of sodium fluoride and alumina, so it is mainly used to make cryolite.

3, aluminum electrolyte lithium: with the rapid development of the new energy industry, in recent years, the price of battery-grade lithium carbonate from 3-50,000 / ton soared to 500,000 / ton, lithium has become a hot spot for research in various fields.

Aluminum electrolyte mill

Aluminum electrolyte mill

Aluminum electrolyte block, alumina powder processing requirements are usually 200 mesh, in terms of equipment selection, Europe version of the mill, vertical mill can meet the demand, in comparison, the vertical mill output is large, more suitable for medium and large-scale powder project, the investment is also relatively large, the Europe version of the mill as an upgraded Raymond mill, more economical and practical. Therefore, the European version of the mill in the aluminum electrolyte block, alumina powder processing applications are also more common.

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