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Tailings sand powder making use, tailings sand powder making machine price

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-20

1. Concrete and building materials: Tailings sand milling can be used as a filler in concrete, cement and other building materials. It can improve the fluidity of materials, increase strength and durability, and reduce costs.

2、Road infrastructure: Tailings sand grinding powder can be used as filler or stabilizer in road infrastructure. It can improve the bearing capacity of the road, prevent settlement and cracks, and improve the life of the road.

3、Plasterboard production: Tailings sand grinding powder can be used to produce various types of decorative and structural plasterboard. It can provide uniform and fine particles and increase the strength and stability of the board.

4、Ceramic Industry: Tailings sand contains certain beneficial elements, such as copper and iron, which can play the role of colorant or additive in ceramic industry. It can improve the texture, color and luster of ceramic products.

Tailings Grinding Production Line

Tailings Grinding Production Line

For the price of tailings milling equipment, the current market price ranges from high to low, several hundred thousand to several million are available, the strength of the manufacturer, production process, equipment quality, after-sales service and so on are also different, so it leads to a big difference in price, and then according to the different production needs, equipment models, configurations are not the same, so the price also varies.

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