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Aluminum Electrolyte, Aluminum Oxide Surfacing Material Which grinder should I choose?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-21

Aluminum electrolyte is a kind of electrolyte used for aluminum electrolysis, which is mainly made of cryolite as raw material, alumina as raw material, and then add some salt additives.

For aluminum electrolyte block and alumina, generally need about 200 mesh powdering, in the selection of equipment, the European version of the mill and vertical mill can meet the requirements, compared with the high production efficiency of vertical mill, suitable for medium and large-scale powdering project, but also large investment, European version of the mill is the upgraded version of the Raymond mill, more economical and practical. So the European version mill is also widely used in the production of aluminum electrolyte block and alumina powder making.

Aluminum Electrolyte Grinding Mill

Aluminum Electrolyte Grinding Mill

Compared with the traditional Raymond mill and pendulum mill, the European version of the mill after several generations of mill technology transformation, its performance has been greatly improved, whether it is the output, or the quality of the finished product, or the impact on the environment, as well as intelligent operation, as well as cost control, can meet the requirements of the modern powder plant.

1. In terms of output, the European version of the mill adopts a spiral bevel gear drive and combines with grinding rollers to improve the grinding efficiency, and the output of each grinder can reach 3-55 tons, which is several times higher than that of Raymond mill, and the energy consumption of each grinder is also smaller.

2. The European version of the grinder uses a new suspension cage sorting equipment, through the frequency adjustment, so that the sorting is more accurate, so that the final powder quality is more uniform and better stability, thus ensuring the quality of recycled aluminum.

3. In environmental protection, the double measures of air circulation and dust collector of European mill are adopted, so that the emission of smoke and dust is less than 20 mg/m3, and the certificate of environmental protection of industrial products has been obtained, which can meet the requirements of green production.

4. In terms of intelligent manipulation, the European version of the mill system uses PLC or DCS central control system, which can monitor and control the whole assembly line in the central control room, including the start and stop of the equipment, and abnormal alarms, which ensures the normal production.

5. In terms of cost control, since the assembly line is highly automated, it can save labor cost significantly, and only 2-3 employees are needed in one factory. In addition, the main machine and fan drive of the European mill are lubricated with thin oil, and the oil replacement time is about once every four months. Compared with the previous grease lubrication, the oil cost alone can save 3-50,000 dollars per year.

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