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How much does a jaw crusher with a capacity of 300 tons per hour cost

zkj/ Release time : 2023-09-22

Stone production equipment in the production process, huge stone crushing into small stone in the process, the first crusher is usually called the main crusher, the longer history, but also the more robust crusher is the jaw crusher, jaw crusher feed, the material from the top of the entrance to amend the draft of the crushing chamber containing the jaw teeth jaw teeth with a huge force of the material to the wall of the chamber, will be crushed into smaller pieces of stone. 

jaw crusher

jaw crusher

The jaw teeth move on an eccentric shaft that runs through the frame of the machine. The bearings are subjected to an extremely harsh working environment. The bearings must withstand tremendous shock loads, abrasive effluents and high temperatures. Despite this harsh environment, the jaw crusher needs to work very reliably, which is a key part of productivity. Stone production equipment can be in the appropriate range, increase the gravel equipment impeller speed, reduce the depth of the slot, so that the impeller and cover trigger gap is reduced in order to increase as much as possible to increase the amount of filling, which also promotes the gravel equipment speed to a certain extent. Improve the gravel equipment tank so that the slurry can pass through the gravel equipment tank at a faster speed. Parallel chutes have been completely abandoned in favor of the well-used tandem chute technology in order to increase the speed of the gravel production line. 

The size of the selection tank adopts adjustable device, which can provide a wider operation platform for the re-election technical workers and reduce the occurrence of slurry retention phenomenon. Effectively avoid the occurrence of concentrate foam depletion, gravel equipment speed decline, so as to get a larger gravel equipment speed.

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