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What is the price of portable mobile crusher?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-22

Mobile overall stone crusher, also known as mobile crushing plant, mobile crusher, it is a kind of crushing, screening integrated crusher, also equipped with vehicle-mounted system, especially suitable for sand and gravel production and construction waste treatment projects that often need to change the site.

Compared with the static mobile stone crusher, the mobile stone crusher has the following advantages:

1. Short-term cycle and quick gain

Can be used for projects with tight schedule and materials. The integrated system of the vehicle eliminates the construction process of cement foundation and achieves the purpose of rapid installation and input.

2. Highly maneuverable and fast-moving

The mobile rock crusher is equipped with a vehicle-mounted integrated unit, which can be moved directly from the tractor to the rock crushing site, and can quickly complete the relocation of the work site with high mobility.

3. Well-equipped, complete models

Mobile stone crusher includes mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher, mobile impact crusher, mobile sand making machine, mobile screening plant and other models, you can choose the combination of machinery for crushing according to the production situation, and its main crusher has many years of R & D and production experience, so the quality of the equipment is very reliable, and stable work.

NK Series Mobile Crusher

NK Series Mobile Crusher

Currently, K3 series mobile crusher and NK series mobile crusher are mainly used in the market.

K3 series mobile crusher is developed on the basis of K2 mobile crusher, which is a tire-type movable crushing plant specially used in small and medium-sized production line of sand and gravel (100-300 T/H), and it is suitable for crushing, screening, shaping, and sand making operations of various soft rocks, hard rocks, and construction wastes.

The function of NK series mobile crusher is basically the same as that of K3 mobile crusher, which is a kind of high performance and practical wheeled mobile crusher. This crushing plant is much easier and less costly to build than the K-Series mobile crushing plant.

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