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What is the price of a whole set of 2000 tons per day crushed stone production line equipment?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-22

For a daily output of 2000 tons of complete crushed stone production line equipment about how much money this issue, involving specific equipment configuration and selection, and the entire crushed stone production line equipment selection is also based on the raw materials, in and out of the material size of the understanding to decide, only the capacity does not determine the choice of equipment and price.

Grinding Mill

Grinding Mill

Generally speaking, the whole stone crushing production line consists of feeding, conveying, crushing and screening.

First. Feeding part

The feed material of the stone crushing line is transported to the silo by trucks, and then the material in the silo is continuously, evenly and smoothly fed into the crusher by magnetic oscillation feeder to make it crushed.

Second, crushing part

Crushing is the main component of stone crushing production line, which is divided into several stages, respectively, coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing and sand making.

Coarse crushing is a primary crushing, generally used in jaw crushing.

Fine crushing is secondary or tertiary crushing, cone, rebound and other crushing methods, such as raw materials for granite, basalt, cobblestones and other hard rocks, the second break is suitable for cone; if the raw material hardness is high, and the production line needs a higher production capacity, it can be used in a single cylindrical cone or multi-cylindrical cone crushing method to improve the productivity of the entire production line; if the raw material is limestone, calcite and other middle, If the raw materials are limestone, calcite and other medium or low hard rocks, the secondary crushing should adopt the rebound crushing method.

Through cone crushing, after rebound crushing, various specifications of pairs can be produced. After the secondary crushing, if the production of mechanism sand is to be carried out at the same time, a sand making process can be added after the secondary crushing.

Third, screening part

The feed opening of each crusher is standardized, and the crushed stone produced is also to be screened. Therefore, behind each crusher, a round screen will be installed, which is used to screen the particle size of the crushed stone, and send the crushed stone to the next crushing.

Fourth, conveying part

Between the crusher and the crusher, the crusher and the vibrating screen, all of them are connected together with belt conveyor for conveying the stone. So it forms a movable crushed stone assembly line.

Each kind of crushing, screening and other equipment, there are different series and models, we should not only consider the factor of daily output of 2000 tons, but also take into account the hardness of raw materials, feed size, discharge size and other production factors, and then finally we can decide the configuration of the whole stone crushing production line and quotation.

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