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Differences between Artificial and Natural Alluvial Ore and Selection of Mechanical Alluvial Ore Production Plants

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-25

First, what is mechanism sand?

Artificial sand is compared with natural sand, such as river sand. Natural sand is formed by the action of natural forces, such as sand in rivers, sand in oceans, and sand in mountains. However, due to environmental protection and other reasons, the price of natural sand has been rising and can no longer meet the growing market demand. Therefore, there is the emergence of mechanism sand.

Mechanism sand, which is formed by mechanical crushing and screening to remove the soil, is a stone with a particle size of 4.75 mm or less. At present, many places in China have adopted the mechanism sand, and some places have also adopted the method of processing industrial waste, construction waste and stones. In recent years, the industry has developed rapidly, not only a traditional, but also an emerging.

Second, the difference between artificial sand and natural sand, such as river sand

1. Problems of supply stability: natural sand due to years of mining, diminishing reserves, the contradiction between supply and demand intensified, prices rose, supply and quality can not be guaranteed; however, the mechanism of the sand is very rich in raw materials, as long as there is a stone place, you will be able to produce the mechanism of the sand.

2. Price, the price of mechanism sand is slightly different from place to place, but in general, relative to river sand, the price of mechanism sand is much lower, about 20 yuan per ton. In addition, the profit of mechanical sand is also very high, if 2,000 tons per day, according to the current market price, the gross profit is about one million yuan per month.

3. Environmentally, the previous production of mechanical sand does have environmental problems such as dust pollution, but with the advancement of sand making technology, today's production is basically fully enclosed, and each machine is installed with water spraying device, there will be no dust overflow, and dry environmental protection technology, there is no need for water washing, and will not produce sewage, silt and dust.

Therefore, in regions where natural sand resources are scarce, producing high-quality mechanism sand to meet the needs of project construction is not only practicable, but also has very significant comprehensive benefits.

Sand and Gravel Grinding Equipment

Sand and Gravel Grinding Equipment

Third, how to choose the equipment of mechanical sand production line?

The production of mechanical sand is usually operated by a complete set of assembly line, which contains vibrating feeder, crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, sand washing machine and so on. At present, the mobile sand making machine is also getting more and more attention from customers. If it is small pebbles, it does not need to go through the crusher, but through the sand making machine to produce mechanism sand. A complete production line can be equipped with crushed stone, mechanism sand, and can be synchronized production.

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