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What is the method to make mechanism sand from pebbles? How is the production line configured?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-09-25

With high hardness, good compressive strength, good abrasion and corrosion resistance, cobblestone is a common mechanical sand material. How to configure this line?

Pebble mechanism sand processing generally uses dry process, which is realized by combining crusher and sand making machine for crushing. Dry sand does not require water, which has the advantage of water conservation, and has fewer restrictions on the area, even in areas where water is scarce, it is still able to be produced.

Pebbles are high hard rocks, and the usual sand production line configuration is secondary or tertiary crushing method.

If the size of pebble raw material is not particularly large, it can be directly sent to the second crusher for crushing, adopting two-stage crushing method, i.e. cone crusher + vertical shaft impact crusher (sand making machine).

When the size of the pebble raw material is bigger than the size of the feeding port of the second crusher, it will take the three-stage crushing way. That is, jaw crusher + cone crusher + vertical shaft impact crusher (sand making machine).

Whether it is secondary crushing or tertiary crushing, it can achieve the effect of sand and gravel at the same time, and a production line can produce both crushed stone and mechanism sand, which can meet the various requirements of concrete mixing plant for aggregates.

Cobblestone sand production line

Cobblestone sand production line

Why not choose rebound crushing method for medium crushing, and hammer crushing method for stone sand making machine proportioning scheme?

This is due to the structure and operation mode of the unit. Both rebound crushing and hammer crushing are whacking crushing, but because the pebbles are hard, it will intensify the wear and tear of the plate hammer and hammer head. In one day, the hammer will have to be replaced once, and the life of the hammer will not exceed 80 hours, which leads to a long time of replacement, reduces the production efficiency, and affects the overall production efficiency and economic benefits.

In the long run, although the production line configuration of cone crusher and impact crusher has a large investment in the early stage, the operation and maintenance costs are lower in the later stage, and there is no need to replace the wearing parts frequently, which can shorten the downtime, and the reduction of the overall production cost is very significant.

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