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Why mobile crushing plants are more popular than fixed crushers

zkj/ Release time : 2022-08-17

The development of mining machinery and equipment boom, a variety of crushers, sand making machine was born one after another, which is a variety of crusher models, the common equipment on the market is the jaw crusher, cone crusher, etc.; this is fixed production equipment, of course, with the continuous innovation and development of technology, gradually attracting attention is the mobile crushing plant, why mobile crushing plant can be more popular with users, today I will give A few simple comparison, together with the mobile crushing and screening station what are the points is better than the fixed crusher.

1、Mobile crushing plant is flexible in transferring, which can greatly save the installation time.

The introduction of mobile crushing plant dispenses with the installation of crushers and the selection of foundation locations, which can save a lot of time. The mobile crushing plant can be directly selected and driven to the site, and the granularity of the finished product can be directly controlled by man; and due to the small size of the equipment, the crushing operation can be carried out normally even if the site space is too narrow.

2. Integrated unit, better value retention of the whole machine.

Mobile crushing plant as an integrated unit of equipment installation, eliminating the need for a single fixed site, infrastructure installation operations, reducing the consumption of material transportation costs, receiving material, crushing, screening, transmission and other process links completed at once. The reasonable and compact space layout of the unit improves the flexibility of the site stationing, and the equipment can stop as it goes, arriving at the production site quickly into production status.

3. Diversified combinations and adaptability.

The mobile crushing plant is available in various configurations, users can configure different crushing and sand making equipment according to their project needs. Both crushing and screening can be used separately. At the same time, the mobile crushing plant can be combined into two crushing and screening systems for coarse and fine crushing, or three crushing and screening systems for coarse, medium and fine crushing according to the actual demand.

4. No need to worry about environmental protection.

Compared with fixed crushing plant, mobile crushing plant is less pressure to deal with environmental protection inspection, but also comes with its own dust and noise reduction functions, because of its small footprint, and can quickly evacuate the construction site, in some relatively closed construction sites, such as highway, municipal construction, construction waste treatment is very popular.

Of course, everything has two sides, mobile crushing plant also has a lot of shortcomings, especially in the output is slightly inferior to fixed broken, the initial input cost also has a certain standard, at present to replace the fixed crushing plant still need time, hope that the relevant users according to their own production needs for the purchase of equipment, such as in the purchase of equipment and production configuration have questions, you can call our service hotline 0371- 67997088 or click the following business pass for online consultation. Liming Heavy Industry is always waiting for your news.

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