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What are the advantages of crushing and screening machine to treat construction waste

zkj/ Release time : 2022-08-18

Mobile crushing and screening machine is a new type of equipment chosen by users, it and crusher, vibrating screen as a whole, with a mobile frame, forming a mobile production line, can be directly driven to the scene of operation, intelligent and convenient, for many crushing site is not fixed, basic configuration is more complicated, inconvenient transport materials, electricity is not convenient for customers, this equipment is simply too suitable! What are the outstanding advantages of the mobile crushing and screening machine?

mobile crushing plant

mobile crushing plant

1、Diversified functions, high efficiency of resource

In addition to the crushing function, there are screening, conveying and other capabilities, each function to achieve super high automation, can quickly centralized control of crushing, screening, transport links, greatly saving the investment of manpower and material resources, whether in the short term or long-term view of the equipment production efficiency is very high.

2、Foldable all-in-one, space-saving

The equipment is reasonably designed and loaded on the same rack, which not only eliminates the complicated infrastructure configuration, but also does not occupy a lot of operating space, all the equipment is folded together into the operating site, when the crushing and screening operation is carried out immediately unfolded and extended, especially suitable for limited space in urban waste disposal.

3、The configuration of the drive unit is more flexible

With the addition of the drive unit, it immediately breaks the limitation of the stone screening production line being fixed and limited, realizing fast and free to move around and follow the geographical location of the construction waste treatment and mobile operation, this feature greatly accelerates the processing efficiency of the equipment.

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