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Jiangxi neodymium iron boron powder making equipment selection of the European version of the mill

fxy/ Release time : 2023-10-12

NdFeB is an attractive magnet, which is called permanent magnet due to its strong magnetic properties and is one of the most widely used. NdFeB alloy is a new type of rare earth permanent magnet material.

In the field of permanent magnet materials, a complete industrial chain has been formed. The industry has rare earth ore mining and smelting industry in the upstream, NdFeB in the midstream, and traditional industries such as consumer electronics and basic industry in the downstream, as well as new energy sources, energy saving and environmental protection and other new uses.

The particle size of NdFeB powder is usually around 250 mesh, NdFeB crusher can handle powder with 250 mesh size, one can produce 5 tons, and it has its own air automatic circulation system, so its dust emission is very small. In the production line, you can also install a pulse dust collector, its dust removal efficiency is very high, and its emission concentration is also very low. It can make the work in the workshop basically dust-free, with stable equipment, low vibration and more environmental protection, which is an ideal NdFeB grinding equipment.

NdFeB Grinding Production Line

NdFeB Grinding Production Line

The process of NdFeB grinding is as follows: grinding the large material directly through the grinding wheel, and pressing the fine powder into the molding bed to realize the inter-particle grinding. The ground material keeps moving from the edge of the milling disk until it is swept away by the strong airflow on the wind ring, while the larger particles fall back into the grinding stone and are ground and then ground again. After the material in the airflow passes through the upper sorting device, the coarse particles driven by the moving leaves return to the mill for crushing, and the qualified fine powder is sent out of the mill by the airflow.

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