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In the construction of slag grinding production line is which mill should be chosen?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-10-12

Water slag is a blast furnace slag formed by rapid cooling of molten slag in water. Slag is light, friable, porous, with water-hard cementitious potential, and can be milled into powder. After crushed, it can be used with cement clinker, lime, gypsum and other exciters to get high quality cement materials.

Liming Heavy Industry recommends producers to choose vertical mill. Vertical mill is of vertical structure, integrating crushing, drying, pulverizing, classifying and conveying, covering an area of only 50% of the conventional ball mill, which greatly reduces the project cost; in addition, the grinding rolls are grinding the materials directly into the grinding stone, which consumes less energy and reduces the hourly energy consumption by 30%~40%. Compared with Raymond type and pendulum type, the production capacity of vertical mill is larger, with a single processing capacity of 6-80 tons, which is more suitable for large and medium-sized powder making projects.

Slag Grinding Production Line

Slag Grinding Production Line

In the process of processing, in addition to the mill, it also needs supporting equipment with elevator, feeder, conveyor and other supporting equipment.


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