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Which mill to choose for aluminum oxide face shell material?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-10-16

Aluminum oxide face shell waste is a kind of waste containing aluminum, which can be used to produce recycled aluminum after grinding and processing. So what kind of ball mill is chosen to grind alumina shell material?

Aluminum oxide surface shell material powder requirements are generally in the 200 mesh or so, in the selection of mill, Raymond mill, European version of the mill, vertical mill can meet the needs, but these several types of mills are different, to be equipped with the appropriate equipment for different grinding needs.

Raymond mill is a traditional powder making equipment, it is in the field of powder making for many years, its advantages are obvious: occupies less space, fine product size, wide distribution of finished product size, finished product size uniformity, low energy consumption, the use of a new type of pulse dust collector, the amount of dust produced in the production process of Raymond mill is greatly reduced, a great improvement to the surrounding environment, to meet the requirements of the environmental protection, it is a cost-effective and very high milling equipment.

The European version of grinding is an upgraded version of Raymond mill, which is more economical and practical. The model uses a number of the latest patented technologies, such as bevel gear integral drive, thin oil lubrication system, arc air ducts and so on. The device is characterized by smooth operation, easy to use, energy saving; the finished product size can be adjusted, grinding fine materials applicable to a wide range, has been increasingly used in the grinding process of alumina powder.

The production capacity of vertical mill is much larger, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, but the investment is also larger. At the same time, the equipment runs smoothly, with small vibration and low noise; it is fully enclosed and operates under negative pressure without dust splashing and pollution; it is equipped with an expert self-control system, which can be converted arbitrarily between remote control and on-site, and it is simple to operate and saves manpower. It is a kind of equipment suitable for mass production of alumina powder shell material.

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