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Which mill is used in the ore lithium extraction process?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-10-16

Natural lithium mica, lithium pyroxene and lithium turbidite feldspar are an important mineral resource. Lithium extraction from lithium ore to lithium carbonate technology is a lithium extraction method by roasting and leaching lithium pyroxene concentrate. Lithium extraction by sulfuric acid method is an important way to prepare lithium carbonate from lithium pyroxene concentrate as raw material in the current industry because of its high lithium yield, low energy consumption and low cost. In the process of lithium extraction, grinding is also required. Flotation also has important applications in lithium ore sorting. Ore characteristics, grinding fineness, stirring operation, adjuster ratio and water hardness are important factors that determine the success or failure of lithium ore flotation. Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate mill.

Lithium Ore Mill

Lithium Ore Mill

Liming Heavy Industry's Lithium Ore Vertical Mill, a high-tech equipment that can process lithium resources in depth, promotes the development of its application in the midstream and downstream, and creates better production benefits for the company. Shuguang Heavy Industry's LM Vertical Mill is also a kind of energy-efficient mill integrating crushing, grinding, powder selecting, drying and conveying, which has the advantages of simple flow, compact structural arrangement, less occupying area, less fume and noise pollution, and low construction cost, which can directly reduce the capital investment of the enterprise, and it is a kind of first choice of milling equipment for lithium extraction from ores in the lithium extraction process.

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