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Can I choose LM Vertical Mill in the process of graphite processing and powder making?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-10-17

Graphite is an important mineral resource, in the processing and use of graphite, it is very critical to choose the appropriate mill, Liming Heavy Industry suggests you to choose LM Vertical Mill, then why should we choose LM Vertical Mill?

LM Vertical Mill is a kind of energy-saving mill developed by combining the vertical mill technology with foreign advanced technology and combining with our company's technological innovation and updating. It is a combination of crushing, drying, grinding, grading, conveying and other processes together, and the graphite manufacturing is continuous, each process is interlocked, as long as it is opened, it can not be closed, otherwise it will affect the progress of the whole production. The grinding rollers will grind the material to be ground and reduce the energy consumption. The hot air is in direct contact with the raw material inside the mill, with good drying performance, saving a dryer;

Graphite processing and utilization choose LM Vertical Mill

LM Vertical Mill

LM Vertical Mill

The use of grinding roller sleeve, so that the grinding roller is not in direct contact with the grinding stone, reducing the wear and tear of the grinding roller; the grinding roller roller sleeve can be used on both sides, doubling its service life. The use of hydraulic pressurization method can make the mill produce larger pressure, which in turn increases the product discharge and improves the milling efficiency; for the different needs of the product particle size, cage sorting machine and cone rotor sorting machine are selected to ensure the sorting precision of the product. Moreover, the vertical mill is characterized by low dust and low noise, which is more conducive to environmental protection.

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