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Kaolin upgraded model raymond mill--European grinding mill grinding process

fxy/ Release time : 2023-10-17

Kaolin is a nonmetallic mineral with a wide range of properties, kaolin is white in color, fine texture, soft earthy, with good plasticity and flame retardant properties. The new Raymond mill is recommended for its strong systematic, high screening rate, stable transmission, good wear resistance and easy maintenance.

Large kaolin is crushed by crusher, and the fineness (15-40mm) can be used for grinding mill. After crushing, the small pieces of kaolin are transported to the bin by elevator and conveyed to the milling room for crushing by vibrating feeder. The kaolin is sorted by the screening machine, and the unqualified powder particles are sorted by the sorting machine and sent back to the main machine to be crushed again. The fineness qualified powder is sent to the dust collector through the pipeline for sorting and dust collection, and finally it is sent to the finished product silo through the unloading port transfer equipment, and then it is uniformly loaded into the powder loading tanker or automatic baler.

MTW Euro Mill

MTW Euro Mill

The improved Euro Mill can reach the product particle size of 200~425 mesh, and can reach the production requirement of 10~50 tons of kaolin. This equipment uses a number of patented technologies, such as integral bevel gear transmission, internal thin oil lubrication system, and curved air duct. It is an independent equipment with vertical structure, occupying less area and strong system. It can form a complete production system from rough processing of raw materials to packaging of finished products. The production process is exquisite, durable, stable performance, centralized control of electronic system, so that the powder making workshop basically reaches unmanned operation; less dust, less noise, high filtration efficiency, friendly environment and good safety.

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