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Carbon black grinding mill equipment use precautions and maintenance methods

zkj/ Release time : 2023-10-18

How should the carbon black mill be maintained and serviced? Carbon black, also known as carbon black, is amorphous carbon. It is a lightweight, loose and fine black powder with a very large surface area ranging from 10 to 3000 m2/g. It is a product obtained by burning incomplete carbon-containing materials (coal, natural gas, heavy oil, fuel oil, etc.) under conditions of insufficient air.

Carbon black grinding generally uses Raymond mill, and there are three general points for the maintenance and upkeep of carbon black Raymond mill:

One is that the newly installed wheel tires are easy to loosen and need to be checked regularly;

Secondly, it is necessary to regularly check the wear and tear of wearing parts, and replace them in time if they are badly worn;

Third, the need for real-time monitoring of the bearing oil temperature. If the oil temperature rises, you should stop the machine to check the cause and work again after elimination.

Raymond Mill

Raymond Mill

Regular maintenance can not only extend the service life of the machine body, but also the environmental protection, consumption reduction and energy saving production of the equipment, which can bring more considerable profits for the enterprise.

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