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What causes the fan of the milling machine equipment to appear strong shaking

zkj/ Release time : 2023-10-26

Vertical mill is mainly composed of motor, import and export, fan, analyzer, pulse dust collector, etc., in which the fan mainly provides airflow, so that the milled material can enter the air separation port smoothly, but in the daily milling operation, if the staff does not use it properly, it may lead to the equipment can not run, resulting in the damage of the work order. Under normal circumstances.

When the vertical mill is working, the fan controls the air flow, and the fan plays an important role in the operation of the vertical grinder. The air door on the exhaust pipe can regulate the airflow of the vertical grinder through these two places. The larger the air volume, the finer and thicker the output, the higher the output, the smaller the air volume, the finer and lower the output. The main function of the vertical grinder blower is to blow the powder product into the analyzer without a blower on the vertical grinder, which cannot output the powder product.

Grinding Mill Manufacturer

Grinding Mill Manufacturer

Reasons for the sudden violent shaking of the blower of the analyzing vertical grinding machine

1, when the fan spindle and motor shaft is not centralized, there will be motor running time, not driving the fan unit rotation, so that the fan coupling irregular operation, resulting in severe fan vibration.

2, when the fan blade and shell friction, it will make the fan blade and other parts close to the fan, so that the fan running time and other parts of the collision, thus damaging other parts, followed by the fan's ground bolts. Looseness of the impeller shaft disk or coupling screws can also cause vibration of the fan and generate a lot of noise. If the surface of the fan blade accumulates ash too thick, it will cause fan rotation imbalance and fan vibration.

According to the above analysis, the fan must pay attention to the correct installation method and regular cleaning and maintenance during installation and use, so that the vertical mill can continue to operate normally. Vertical mill fan belongs to the important grinding equipment. Once the failure occurs, it will affect the production of the equipment and bring great inconvenience to the production. It causes great losses.

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