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Reasons that lead to the rust phenomenon of the grinding mill

zkj/ Release time : 2023-10-26

Mill as mechanical equipment, in the daily production of the phenomenon of rust is common and normal phenomenon. Although rust is a common phenomenon, but if left unattended, it will not only affect the normal work of the mill, and in serious cases, it will directly affect the efficiency of the mill, etc. There are many reasons for the occurrence of rust. There are many reasons that lead to the rust phenomenon of the mill, the main reasons are the following.

Grinding Mill

Grinding Mill

One of the mill processing materials is more extensive, so there will be some materials with strong corrosive in the grinding. So in the work, these materials in the tool grinding disk has a certain friction or damage, and then after oxidation will directly lead to the phenomenon of rust equipment.

The second is caused by improper operation, the mill after processing, all need to carry out cleaning work. Because some materials are corrosive, if the milling process is not timely cleaning work, it will directly lead to material corrosion machine.

Third, the working environment of the mill is relatively harsh, mostly outdoor work. If the mill is in a humid working environment for a long time, then it will directly lead to the oxidation of the metal shell of the equipment rust, so it is necessary to regularly paint the mill to avoid the occurrence of rust.

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