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Types of equipment for grinding and processing wollastonite, wollastonite powder uses

zkj/ Release time : 2023-10-27

With the development of the times, the chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, mining industry, a number of industries are also constantly and rapidly developing, the rapid development of these industries can not be separated from the mill's strong support, so that the current market demand for milling equipment is also constantly improving, including the mill structure and performance requirements are constantly improving, the mill industry must be the market demand, and constantly innovate and improve, in order to meet the market for more! Demand. Among them, the continuous innovation and development of the mill has pushed a force for the development of wollastonite.

Should the current market for wollastonite different needs, mining equipment industry continuous innovation and improvement, Henan Liming Heavy Industry has launched a wollastonite grinding machine, which according to different industries on the wollastonite powder of different fineness requirements, wollastonite grinding mill has wollastonite Raymond mill, wollastonite high-pressure mill, wollastonite suspension mill, wollastonite ultrafine mill and other wollastonite milling powder processing with milling equipment, which the fineness of the fineness of up to 3,500 mesh. The fineness can reach 3500 mesh.

Wollastonite Grinding Mill

Wollastonite Grinding Mill

After the mill for wollastonite high fineness grinding processing, wollastonite powder can be applied in the chemical industry, metallurgy, paper, mining machinery, paint and other industry sectors. Its specific uses in different industries are as follows:

1, paint field

Wollastonite has a good reinforcing properties, both to improve the toughness and durability of the paint, but also to maintain the paint surface flat and and good gloss. And improve the resistance to scrubbing and weathering properties, but also reduce the amount of oil absorption of paint and ink and keep alkaline, with corrosion resistance. It can get high quality paint with bright color and good even coating and anti-aging performance. So that the paint can get better mechanical strength, increase durability, enhance adhesion and corrosion resistance. There is also good coverage, adhesion.

2、Paper making field

After special processing technology can still maintain its special needle structure, so that the addition of silica fume powder white paper, improve its whiteness, opacity (surface covering degree), flatness, smoothness, adaptability to cement ball mill manufacturers, reduce the quantitative cross-sectional difference and wet deformation of the cardboard, improve the adaptability of the printing, and can significantly reduce the amount of other raw materials used, from the overall reduction in the cost of paper products.

3、Building materials

Wollastonite is a kind of non-toxic, tasteless, non-radioactive and other advantages gradually replaced the asbestos which is harmful to human health, and become the new raw material of environmentally friendly building materials in the new century. After special processing technology can still maintain its special needle structure, so that the addition of wollastonite needle powder calcium silicate board, fire board and other materials such as impact resistance, bending strength, wear-resistant strength are greatly improved.

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