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What equipment is used for carbon black processing? What is the process of carbon black milling?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-10-30

Carbon black is a kind of raw material widely used in industrial production, which is the product formed by incomplete combustion or heated decomposition of materials containing carbon, such as coal, heavy oil, fuel oil, natural gas, etc., in the absence of oxygen.

For the treatment of carbon black, we usually choose the ball mill. In the actual production, the particle size of carbon black usually has to reach 425 mesh. The particle size of 425-2500 mesh is in the category of fine powder and ultra-fine powder. Generally require the use of Raymond mill or ring roller mill fine grinding. Raymond mill can produce carbon black with a particle size of 80-400 mesh, which is suitable for most of the industries that do not have too high requirements for the particle size of stone powder. The quality of the products made by ring roll ultrafine mill is better, and the particle size of the final product is 200-325 mesh, which is fully able to meet the production requirements of carbon black.

The preparation method of carbon black is as follows: the pre-treated carbon black is sent to the mill to make powder, and then the powder is collected. According to the fineness of the product, different products can be selected. After grinding into powder, it can be made into granules or directly loaded. However, because of the black color of carbon black, it is more polluted and must be equipped with pulse dust collector. In addition, due to the small specific gravity of carbon black, especially the ultra-fine carbon black is difficult to be recovered, resulting in a low yield. In order to solve the above problems, it is necessary to optimize the complete set of equipment for the whole carbon black production line.

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