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Powder making process of ultrafine vertical mill for carbon black with capacity of dozens of tons per hour

fxy/ Release time : 2023-10-30

What are the performance advantages and powder making process of ultrafine vertical mill with dozens of tons of carbon black per hour? Carbon black is obtained from the pyrolysis of asphalt coke, petroleum coke, and waste tires used.

The main performance characteristics of carbon black ultrafine vertical mill:

1. It has good stability and reliability, and the parts have good wear resistance, easy to replace and easy to operate;

2. The fineness can be adjusted, according to different applications, adjusting the screener, adjusting the fineness of the final product;

3. By adjusting the structure of the shovel knife and air duct, the grinding efficiency is greatly improved, the air volume is increased, and the output is increased;

Carbon Black Ultrafine Vertical Mill

Carbon Black Ultrafine Vertical Mill

Carbon black ultrafine vertical mill processing technology

Step 1: The large carbon black is transported to the raw material warehouse with a special vehicle, and then the material is fed into the jaw crusher with a forklift/manually for crushing, crushing it to a smaller size than the feed size of the mill.

Step 2: Feeding After the carbon black is crushed through the crusher, it is lifted to the storage hopper through the elevator, and the material is poured out from the storage hopper, and then the material is uniformly sent to the main machine through the feeder.

Step 3: The products that meet the requirements of grinding process are screened by the screening system and sent to the ore collector through the pipeline, and then discharged through the unloader after recycling to get the finished products, and the substandard products will fall into the host machine for grinding again.

Step 4: The purified air enters into the blower through the residual air pipe at the upper part of the dust collector, the air path is circular, except the positive pressure from the blower feeder to the grinding room, the other pipelines are in the state of negative pressure, and the sanitary condition is good.

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