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What are the causes of Raymond mill bearing damage

zkj/ Release time : 2023-10-30

Raymond mill is a powder production line can not lack of grinding equipment, and the bearing is one of the important working parts of the mill, through the long-term observation of the mill's working process found that the mill bearing is a high failure rate parts. So, what are the reasons for Raymond mill bearing failure?

1, raymond mill parts bearing lubricant too much, too little or aging is the main cause of bearing heat and damage, therefore, in the operation of raymond mill process, in accordance with the operating procedures of the mill regular and quantitative filling of lubricating oil, the general lubricating oil accounted for 70% -80% of the bearing space. Too much or too little are not conducive to bearing lubrication and heat transfer.

2, the two bearing seats are uneven, or the motor rotor and Raymond mill rotor is not centered, will make the bearings subject to additional load impact, thus causing the bearings to overheat. In this case, stop the machine immediately to troubleshoot the problem in order to avoid early damage to the bearings.

Raymond Mill

Raymond Mill

3, raymond mill parts bearing cover and shaft fit too tight, bearing and shaft fit too tight or too loose will lead to bearing overheating. Once this problem occurs, in the operation of the Raymond mill, it will emit friction sound and obvious swing. Should stop and remove the bearings. Trim the friction parts, and then reassemble as required.

4, whether the installation is in accordance with the correct method of installation, whether the bearing is running out of round, whether the bearing is too tightly loaded in, which will cause the bearing to heat up and hold. In an assembly above a bearing and the following is concentric, if not concentric at the same time will cause bearing heat.

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