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Common Limestone Grinding Machine Market Price and Capacity Size

zkj/ Release time : 2023-10-31

There are many types of limestone mill, the common is Raymond mill and vertical mill, of course, Liming Heavy Industry also produces other mills to meet the different needs of users, such as the European version of the smart mill, roller mill and so on. Next we look at the common limestone mill price and output is generally how much.

1, Liming Raymond mill - market price: about 5-700,000 yuan

Limestone Raymond Mill

Limestone Raymond Mill

Raymond mill is mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other industries, the main advantage is that the finished product has a very wide range of particle size, between 30-425 mesh. Raymond mill produced by Liming has the characteristics of uniform strength of finished products, small size, stable operation, easy maintenance, etc. Because of the high degree of automation of the electrical system, the whole adopts centralized control, which basically realizes unmanned operation and reduces the cost of manpower. The output of the equipment is 1-9.5t/h.

2、Liming LM Vertical Mill - market price: about 8-900,000 dollars

Limestone Vertical Mill

Limestone Vertical Mill

LM Vertical Mill produced by Liming Heavy Industry is commonly used in ① non-metallic minerals, ② blast furnace blowing, coal chemical industry, lime kiln, rotary kiln, metallurgy, electric power, cement ③ slag and other industries. For the above three industries, the feed size and output of the vertical mill are different. The overall output is 10-320t/h.

The price of limestone mill is also affected by many factors, such as manufacturers and the market. There are also customers who require a low yield, you can choose a small mill or a small vertical mill, limestone mill price but also the two sides of the common negotiation!

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