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Process flow of 90 tons per hour calcium carbonate grinding production line

zkj/ Release time : 2023-10-31

Calcium carbonate is a kind of white powder without odor, which is widely used and has the characteristics of low price, high quality and abundant resources. Calcium carbonate is divided into light and heavy calcium carbonate, widely used in coatings, plastics, rubber and other industries.

Calcium carbonate through the production process, can get the finished product for the cubic, fusiform, spherical, needle, chain and so on a variety of micro-fine, ultra-fine calcium carbonate.

The development of domestic Raymond mill, ball mill, vertical mill and other grinding machinery, to a large extent, to meet the domestic need for calcium carbonate product processing, to obtain a certain social and economic benefits.

Calcium Carbonate Mill

Calcium Carbonate Mill

Calcium carbonate needs to be pre-treated before pulverizing, and the large raw stone is crushed first, and the jaw breakers are generally used for primary crushing. In the calcium carbonate milling production line, Raymond mill, bucket elevator, vibrating feeder and so on, the specific process flow is as follows:

First of all, from the quarry to the calcite and other materials transported to the vibrating feeder, the material is evenly sent to the jaw crusher, crushed to the size of the material size allowed to enter the size of the mill (15 mm -50 mm); and then in the bucket elevator and vibratory feeder under the joint action of the materials are transported to the Raymond mill for processing, grinding materials through the system classification, if the product is unqualified will be entered into the If the product is unqualified, it will be separated and collected by dust collector, and the finished powder will be transported to the finished product silo by the transportation device, and then packaged by the powder loading tanker or automatic packaging machine.

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