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Dolomite grinding and processing can be used in which fields

zkj/ Release time : 2023-11-01

Dolomite is a carbonate mineral, respectively iron dolomite and manganese dolomite. It has a crystal structure like calcite, often rhombohedral. When exposed to cold dilute hydrochloric acid will slowly bubble. Some dolomite glows reddish-orange when exposed to cathode rays. Dolomite is the main mineral component of dolomite and dolomitic chert. The following is a detailed introduction from two major aspects of dolomite use and dolomite crusher.

First, the use of dolomite and application areas

Main uses: dolomite in the metallurgical industry is mainly used as steelmaking flux, refractory materials and chemical raw materials.

In agriculture, dolomite is mainly used as a neutralizer for acidic soil, it can compensate for the loss of calcium and magnesium in the soil due to the absorption of crops, and the application of dolomite can increase crop yields by 15% -40%. Calcite-containing dolomite treated with agricultural lime can be used as a pesticide to control pests.

Dolomite as a filler, can improve the color of the product, weathering resistance, improve mechanical stability, reduce shrinkage and internal tension, reduce water absorption, oil absorption capacity and crack expansion. Such products mainly include adhesives, sealing plastics, paints, detergents and cosmetics.

Main application areas:

1、Refractory materials

Dolomite is one of the important raw materials of alkaline refractories, which is mainly used in steelmaking converter lining, flat furnace hearth, electric furnace wall, and can also be used in thermal equipment such as furnace refining device and cement kiln. Dolomite can be made of dolomite bricks, dolomite bricks for furnace lining, the use of spray patching dolomite spray patching material method, can make the refining furnace life significantly improved.

2, magnesium industry

Dolomite is also an important raw material for the production of magnesium metal, dolomite smelting magnesium is mainly through the electrolysis method and silicon thermal reduction method. Electrolysis process is complex and difficult to achieve economic benefits, so small magnesium plant should not use this method.

3、Production of magnesium compounds

Dolomite can produce magnesium carbonate, magnesium oxide, magnesium sulfate magnesium hydroxide and other magnesium compounds. Magnesium carbonate including: light magnesium carbonate, light spherical magnesium carbonate and light transparent magnesium carbonate, light magnesium carbonate is the basic raw material of inorganic chemical industry, mainly used in the manufacture of magnesium salt, magnesium oxide, fireproofing materials, but also can be used in shipbuilding, boilers, glass, pigments, medicine and other industries.

4、Production of paint

Dolomite can produce new type of body pigment with stable chemical composition, weather resistance, anti-sinking, high whiteness, low cost, unique process and other advantages, which can be used in various paints. The paint produced can reduce the amount of titanium dioxide, hardness, feel good, strong adhesion, the application effect is better than heavy calcium carbonate.

Dolomite Grinding Machine

Dolomite Grinding Machine

Second, what crusher for dolomite?

Dolomite is a silicate mineral, Moh's hardness 3.5-4, dolomite belongs to the hard rock, its processing requires two crushing process, coarse crushing with jaw dolomite crusher, fine crushing with impact dolomite crusher, the following for you to introduce the main parameters and characteristics of these two types of equipment:

1、Jaw dolomite crusher: feed size ≤ 1200mm, hourly output 1-1100t/h.

2, Impact dolomite crusher: feed size ≤ 500mm, hourly output of 160-350t/h.

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