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Reasons for grinding and processing gypsum ore using raymond mill

zkj/ Release time : 2023-11-01

Gypsum ore is a kind of non-metallic minerals with calcium sulfate minerals as the main component, the main minerals are gypsum and hard gypsum, also known as gypsum dihydrate, water gypsum or soft gypsum. Gypsum, usually a dense lump or fibrous, white or gray, red, brown, glass or silky luster, Mohs hardness of 2; hard gypsum is usually a dense lump or granular, white, off-white, glassy luster, Mohs hardness of 3 ~ 3.5.

First, the main use of gypsum ore:

1, gypsum ore is mainly used as building materials and cement raw materials, can also be used to manufacture sulfuric acid.

2, gypsum is also divided into raw gypsum and cooked gypsum. Crush gypsum into very fine powder, after heating, it is cooked gypsum.

3, cooked gypsum will be solidified in contact with water, can be used to fix the fracture of the injured limbs, crafts modeling, casting molds, jewelry molds and so on.

Raymond Mill

Raymond Mill

Second, gypsum raymond milling equipment introduction

Gypsum ore grinding equipment usually use gypsum Raymond mill, mainly used in mining, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries, can be kaolin, limestone, talc, barite, dolomite, calcite, marble, gypsum, bentonite, mica, graphite and other moisture content of less than 5%, Moh's hardness of 6 or less than a wide range of materials for ultra-fine powder processing, the finished product size up to 3000 mesh.

Processing flow:

After crushed by jaw crusher, the large materials are sent to the storage bin by bucket elevator, and then evenly and continuously fed into the main machine of Raymond mill through vibrating feeder for grinding, and the ground powder is blown to the powder separator under the action of blower for sorting. The non-metallic mineral powder that meets the fineness is transported to the storage bin by the pipeline; the unqualified particles go back to the mill for grinding. The whole system operates under negative pressure, and the dust does not spill out, thus protecting the surrounding environment. If filtered by pulse dust collector, the environmental protection effect is even better.

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