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How is construction waste caused? Is there any equipment to treat construction waste

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-06

In basic construction projects, sand and gravel is one of the very important materials, railroads, roads, houses, etc. are inseparable from construction sand and gravel, but sand and gravel resources are limited, and over-exploitation will bring ecological hazards, and according to the research report of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China produces about 2.4 billion tons of construction waste every year, accounting for 40% of the total amount of urban waste, which will have serious pollution to the environment if left unresolved. In the face of such terrible data, a bold idea arose - can abandoned construction waste be made into recycling?

What is construction waste? Construction waste is the collective name for the discarded slag, discarded materials and other waste materials produced during construction, demolition, renovation, repair and other building projects.

Classification of construction waste

(1) Road excavation waste: divided into concrete road excavation (waste concrete blocks) and asphalt road excavation (waste asphalt concrete blocks);

(2) Building construction waste: divided into old concrete, building debris, mortar and other mineral materials generated during chiseling and plastering, stones, mortar and concrete scattered during handling;

(3) old building demolition: divided into several categories such as broken bricks, stones, concrete, tiles, plastics, plaster, mortar, roofing waste, steel and non-ferrous metals;

Mobile crushing plant for construction waste - near processing, dedicated to energy saving and consumption reduction.

There are two series available for users to choose, one is tire type construction waste mobile crusher and the other is crawler type construction waste mobile crusher. These two series of equipment have their own unique advantages in the recycling of construction waste, let us take a look at the following.

Construction waste mobile crushing plant

Construction waste mobile crushing plant

(1) Tire type construction waste mobile crusher

In the construction waste disposal base, flat ground crushing operations mostly used in the tire configuration, small size, reliable head traction pull to the site, and no harm to the roadbed, can be transformed into the work site at will, the use of integrated complete unit design, mobile and flexible.

(2)Crawler type construction waste mobile crusher

In construction waste processing if it is complex mountainous operation, more crawler configuration is used, with good grounding, convenient hill climbing, low material transportation cost, direct and effective operation, strong adaptability, long service life of its wear parts and less frequent maintenance.

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