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Limestone Jaw Crusher in Sand and Gravel Plant

zkj/ Release time : 2023-03-07

Limestone crusher has jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher and so on. The crushers are divided into primary crushing, secondary crushing, etc. The product demand mainly depends on your requirement of output and fineness. Limestone crusher with high capacity and long life is widely used in granite, basalt, limestone, river pebble, quartzite, iron ore, cement stone and other minerals. Our products meet different needs of customers, welcome to visit us.

What is limestone? Limestone is mainly composed of calcium carbonate, lime and limestone are used in large quantities as building materials, industrial raw materials, etc. It is an important raw material for many industries. Limestone can be processed directly into stone and burned into limestone, quick lime can be turned into slaked lime by absorbing moisture or adding water, the main component of slaked lime is Ca(OH)2, which can be called calcium hydroxide. At present, many limestone production lines are designed and installed with complete limestone crushing system according to user's demand.

Working principle, the movable jaw of jaw crusher is suspended on the eccentric shaft swinging left and right, when the eccentric shaft rotates the connecting rod moves up and down and back and forth, thus driving the two thrust plates to do the back and forth movement as well, and then push the movable jaw to do the left and right movement, so that it can realize crushing and discharging. When working, the rotor rotates at high speed driven by the click, and the material enters a crushing and plate hammer impact crushing, then enters fine crushing and discharges from the discharge port.

Limestone Crusher

Limestone Crusher

Limestone crusher product features

1. Stable and reliable equipment operation performance, process simplification, simple structure, easy maintenance.

2. Low cost, low energy consumption, limestone crusher crushing stone can be formed in one time without secondary crushing process, less investment.

3. Wide application of stone materials, limestone crusher can be applied to medium hardness stone materials.

4. High degree of automation, adjustable size, good crushing ratio.

5. Small powder production and long rotor life.

6. Good production efficiency, its design can realize the conversion of coarse, medium and fine crushing, so as to improve the productivity.

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