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Bentonite mill lubricant replacement and prevention of deterioration of the notes

zkj/ Release time : 2023-11-10

Bentonite mill in the production process, each component can not be ignored is the lubrication work. If the mill's lubricant deterioration, not only can not play the effect of lubrication, but also increase the friction between the parts, resulting in wear and tear of the parts, affecting the smooth operation of the milling operation, so that its output is reduced. So, there is no way to prevent the bentonite mill lubricant deterioration? Follow the editor to understand it.

1. If the work is carried out in high temperature weather, then the bentonite mill in the production, it will lead to oxidation of the lubricant in the production, thereby accelerating the volatilization of lubricants, so that the lubricant will thicken, affecting the normal production of the mill. For such a situation, we should regularly replace the lubricant. At the same time, find the root cause of bentonite mill heating to solve the problem of heating.

Bentonite Grinding Mill

Bentonite Grinding Mill

2. In the lower temperature weather, ordinary lubricants will become viscous because of the lower temperature, thus affecting the lubrication effect of the bentonite mill. Therefore, in the case of lower temperatures, the user in the purchase of lubricants, should use anti-freeze type of lubricants.

3 bentonite mill lubricant after a period of time, will precipitate some dirt, and this dirt will directly affect the viscosity of the lubricant, so that the lubricant does not lubricate the effect of increasing the friction between the various accessories. Therefore, when replacing the lubricant, we must pay attention to the cleaning work, prevent the lubricant pollution, and do a good job of sealing the bearings and.

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