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What factors affect how much electricity is consumed by a grinding mill

zkj/ Release time : 2023-11-10

High-fine mill as a large grinding equipment, to say that the shortcomings of the equipment may have to count the power consumption, because the power consumption of large machinery and equipment are on the high side, and industrial electricity is also more expensive than residential electricity, high-fine milling production line is no exception, so reduce the high-fine mill's power consumption has become the conditions sought by customers, energy-saving electricity can also reduce the production of a large sum of money in the cost, then there is no way to So is there any way to reduce the power consumption of high-fine grinding machine? The following small editor will introduce you to the following points of operation can effectively reduce power consumption.

First, keep the appropriate amount of feed

The operator of the high-fine grinding mill should pay attention to, if the one-time feeding too much or too fast, it is easy to appear grinding speed can not catch up with the feeding speed, resulting in a large number of materials piled up in the grinding chamber, increasing the mill's operating load, resulting in high-fine grinding mill power consumption increases. If the feed rate is too slow or too little, it will lead to high-fine mill idling, thus wasting a lot of power resources.

Ultrafine Grinding Mill

Ultrafine Grinding Mill

Second, reduce the particle size of grinding materials

 High-fine mill is mainly used to grind the hardness of the mineral raw materials, the mill in the work is to rely on the grinding roller grinding ring to complete the grinding operation. The particle size of the material is too large, not only is it easy to be blocked at the feed port, affecting the smooth progress of the grinding operation, but also increase the grinding difficulty of the high-fine grinding mill, prolonging the grinding time of the material, wasting more power resources, increasing the power consumption of the high-fine grinding mill.

Third, the discharge port of the high-fine mill is blocked.

Uniform feed, smooth discharge is to ensure that the normal operation of the high-fine mill is an important condition. In the work of the high-fine mill, if the discharge port is blocked, it will easily cause the mill to gather a large amount of material inside, thus increasing the resistance of the equipment, resulting in more waste of electricity.

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