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Advantages of using raymond mill to process metal lead ores

zkj/ Release time : 2023-11-15

Lead ore is one of the metal mineral resources, mainly used as raw material for extracting lead for the electrical industry, mechanical industry, military industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, light industry and pharmaceutical industry. In the automobile industry alone, its consumption accounts for 60% of the total consumption of lead; in addition, it is also used for ammunition, lead pipes, lead sheets, alloys, cable wrappings, as well as pigments and chemical products.

With the continuous development of the transportation industry, the market demand for lead ore is increasing, so most of the enterprises in order to have a higher efficiency in processing lead ore, you need to pick the right equipment to grind it. Raymond mill just meets most of the requirements of grinding lead ore, so the ensuing demand for Raymond milling equipment is also growing.

Raymond mill is the main equipment in China's grinding industry. In order to meet the needs of different applications, to "high reliability, energy saving, high precision, automation" direction is an inevitable trend. So what are the advantages of Raymond mill in grinding lead ore?

Lead Ore Grinding Mill

Lead Ore Grinding Mill

1、Snail shell design, low energy consumption

Raymond mill adopts non-resistance air inlet snail shell, tangential airflow is smoother, better material fluidity, lower energy consumption.

2、Curved blade design, higher production efficiency

Raymond mill with curved blade design can effectively increase the grinding area of the material and improve the grinding efficiency.

3、Advanced powder selecting machine, eliminate running powder

Adopting cage-type powder selector, Raymond mill not only has high powder selecting precision and high efficiency, but also eliminates running powder pollution, creating a healthy working environment for customers.

4、Sparse oil lubrication, smooth transmission

Compared with the traditional lubrication method, Raymond mill adopts thin oil lubrication, lubrication resistance is small, low oil temperature, can greatly extend the service life of bearings.

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