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What are the reasons that lead to the limestone grinding machine capacity decline

zkj/ Release time : 2023-11-15

We are crushing limestone processing, always encountered because of the impact of various factors limestone crushing yield. Production equipment production and the user's personal interests are closely related, then limestone production equipment production decline how to do?

First, the size of the particle size of the material

If the particle size of the material is too large, it will reduce the processing capacity of the equipment, so that the limestone production equipment production decline. For this situation, we should strictly control the feed size of limestone materials. For the limestone material with too large particle size, you can first use the jaw crusher to carry out appropriate crushing treatment.

Second, the humidity of the material

If the moisture contained in the feed material is too high, the crushed limestone powder material will be more or less adhered to the walls of the crushing chamber, thus increasing the difficulty of the operation of the equipment, and even the formation of clogging phenomenon, which leads to a decline in the output of production equipment. Therefore, strict control of limestone material moisture is to ensure that limestone production equipment is an important factor in the yield.

Limestone Grinding Mill

Limestone Grinding Mill

Third, the grinding fineness of the material requirements

The higher the user's requirements for grinding fineness, the higher the processing capacity of the production equipment will decline, to a certain extent, affecting the limestone production equipment output. So users in the purchase of limestone production equipment equipment, to do a comprehensive understanding of their own production needs, choose the right equipment for their own crushing fineness.

Fourth, parts wear and tear

In the long-term operation of the equipment, the wear and tear of parts is also gradually enhanced. In general, the stronger the production capacity of the equipment, the faster the wear and tear of parts. The wear and tear of the hammer head and other parts directly affect the efficiency and quality of the production equipment. Therefore, in order to ensure the output of limestone production equipment, we should do a good job of regular maintenance and replacement of wear parts, so that the equipment is always in good working condition.

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