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What are the uses of graphite powder and the types of equipment to produce graphite powder

zkj/ Release time : 2023-11-16

Graphite powder has many specifications and types, in different fields of industrial production, need to use different specifications, different types of graphite powder. There are many uses of graphite powder, graphite powder has good lubrication, electrical conductivity, high temperature resistance, etc. These properties of graphite powder make graphite powder play a lot of uses, for example, in industrial lubrication, electrical conductivity, refractory materials and other production areas, play a different role.

The use of graphite powder:

1, graphite powder can be used as release lubricant when producing catalyst in fertilizer industry.

2、Graphite powder can be used as high temperature resistant lubricant base material and corrosion resistant lubricant base material due to its high temperature resistance and high lubricity.

3、Graphite powder can be used as powder metallurgy mold release agent, metal alloy raw material and lubricant in cable production.

4、Graphite powder is used to make carbon film resistor, conductive dry mold and conductive coating.

5、Graphite powder is used as filler or performance improver for rubber, plastic and various composite materials to improve the wear resistance, pressure resistance or conductivity of the material.

Graphite Grinding Machine

Graphite Grinding Machine

Graphite powder is natural scale, powdered graphite from graphite crushed and processed. The larger the mesh of graphite powder, the smaller the particle size of graphite powder, and the better the lubricity of graphite powder.

If the graphite powder of 80-400 mesh is processed, you can choose vertical mill or European version of the mill, they can produce 200 mesh fine powder used for new energy battery anode material which has higher attention and higher demand at present, and can meet the demand of medium and large-scale graphite powder making project.

If the processing of ultrafine graphite powder above 400 mesh, you can choose ultrafine vertical mill or ring roller micro mill, they can process 600 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh and other different specifications of ultrafine powder.

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