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Scalarite grinding and processing can be applied in the field of

zkj/ Release time : 2023-11-17

Scalar graphite is widely used in industry, especially in foundry industry. Scalar graphite is also called natural crystalline graphite, its shape is like fish phosphorus, so it is called scalar graphite, belongs to the hexagonal crystal system, is a layered structure, with good high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, lubrication, plasticity and acid and alkali resistance and other properties. Scalar graphite used in casting industry is called casting special graphite, which plays an important role in casting process.

 Scalar graphite powder has many specifications and types, and different specifications and types of graphite powder are needed in different fields of industrial production. Scale graphite powder for casting is generally ground into 600 mesh ~ 800 mesh, 1200 mesh and other specifications of casting special graphite, and play its role in different casting production areas.

Flake graphite is a key raw material for the foundry industry. The addition of ground flake graphite in the production process helps the product to be completed faster and better in the casting industry and enhances the quality of the casting parts.

Ground flake graphite in the casting application and play the role of wear resistance, high temperature resistance. Scale graphite processed into powder, and then added to the casting mold and casting pieces of the outer surface, so that the casting is easy to mold release, casting surface is more smooth and non-stick sand, casting of special scaled graphite to enhance the surface quality of the casting, so that the casting is more abrasion-resistant, more heat-resistant.

Scalar graphite powder has a wide range of uses, it is also processed into other graphite powder of the original material, scalar graphite powder has good toughness, good thermal conductivity and sex, can be used as refractory materials, lubricating materials, conductive materials, casting, sand, molding and high temperature metallurgical materials. In the process of production in the foundry industry, in order to make the castings at high temperatures without deformation and fracture, it is necessary to add flake graphite, after adding flake graphite, it can withstand high temperatures to ensure the quality of castings.

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