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Gypsum grinding production line equipment configuration standard

zkj/ Release time : 2023-11-20

High-strength gypsum powder, scientifically called hemihydrate gypsum, belongs to high-strength gypsum material, which can be used in many aspects such as gypsum ceramic master molds, precision casting architectural templates, decorative boards, isolation boards, arts and crafts, toy manufacturing and plastic products' blister molds.

There are three kinds of industrial high strength gypsum powder production line processes, which are block method, liquid phase method and granulation method. Among these, the process with simple flow and low production cost is the granulation method. Gypsum powder is generated by gypsum crushing and grinding process, which is widely used in many applications such as construction, building materials, industrial molds and art models. So today we will talk about how the grinding gypsum powder production line is configured.

Grinding Production Line

Grinding Production Line

Gypsum powder production line process contains feeding, crushing, drying, grinding and other processes. A complete gypsum powder grinding production line is generally composed of feeder, crusher, vibrating screening equipment, mill, elevator, centralized control system and other equipment.

 According to the national standard of construction gypsum powder, the fineness of finished gypsum powder is generally in 80-200 mesh, so Liming Heavy Industry generally uses more ultrafine vertical mill for gypsum grinding and processing.

Generally speaking, from raw materials to gypsum powder, you need to crush the materials first, and crushing with crusher can reduce the particles of materials. Gypsum ultrafine vertical mill is a kind of grinding equipment. The grinding equipment has requirements for the feed particle size, which generally needs to be less than 10mm, so as to ensure the unloading effect of 80-2500 mesh. The qualified gypsum powder is sent to the finished product warehouse or product workshop for use. The whole system operates under negative pressure, the dust will not overflow and protect the surrounding environment. If filtered by pulse dust collector, the environmental protection effect is better.

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