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Carbon black high pressure grinding mill operation specification and workflow introduction

zkj/ Release time : 2023-11-21

Carbon black high pressure grinding mill has a wide range of applications, the correct operation method can not only improve the efficiency of the high pressure pulverizer, but also to extend the service life of the equipment and reduce the cost of enterprise investment. Today we explain how to correctly use the carbon black high pressure pulverizing equipment.

1, in the use of carbon black high-pressure pulverizer, first check whether the bolts and nuts are loose, whether the parts of the connection is poor contact. Before starting the high pressure mill, also confirm whether there are metal impurities inside the machine. Under all normal circumstances, turn off the size of the observation door, adjust the steering of the fan and the host, so that the exhaust valve is in the fully open position.

2, strictly grasp the starting order of carbon black high pressure pulverizer: first start the analyzer, then start the fan, then the host. After starting should immediately feed the feeder, according to the order of first fine and then coarse feed at a uniform speed. Then open the large air volume valve, while gradually closing the small exhaust valve, in order to ensure that the feed does not spray powder outward under the premise of closing the small exhaust valve as far as possible, and then adjust the fineness of the finished product.

Carbon Black Grinding Mill

Carbon Black Grinding Mill

3, in the use of carbon black high-pressure pulverizer, pay attention to control the charging speed. According to the main ammeter to observe the size of the load in different feeding situations to determine the high yield. Need to carry out uniform feeding, strictly prohibit bolts and other iron into the body. Before preparing for shutdown, stop feeding for about one minute, stop the main machine, then stop the fan, and then stop the analyzer.

4, after using the carbon black high-pressure mill, pay attention to the equipment inside and outside the clean work. Keep the equipment clean and hygienic at all times, and remove the residual impurities in a timely manner, which is vital to the normal operation of the equipment.

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