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What is the process flow of heavy calcium limestone grinding processing

zkj/ Release time : 2023-11-30

Which grinding equipment should be selected for stone powder heavy calcium processing? In industrial production, stone powder heavy calcium is still widely used, different industries have different requirements for the fineness of the material, this is for the choice of processing equipment needs to be reasonable, like the Raymond mill, this equipment, it is better, because it can be adjusted according to the needs of the production of the fineness of the material, the general Raymond mill can be processed to the material to the 80 mesh to 600 mesh between the need for finer grain size of the equipment, it is necessary to Choose some good equipment, such as high pressure suspension mill.

Various industries have different requirements for the use of heavy calcium powder:

Rubber industry requirements for 400 mesh, the main role is to fill, reduce costs, enhance its strength and wear resistance;

Plastic industry requirements for rubber material is 400, the main role is to enhance its stability, enhance the surface smoothness;

Coating industry requirements is 800 mesh, the main role is to fill the amount of 30% or more, the main role is to improve the stability of the paper, enhance the surface smoothness;

Artificial marble requirements are 325 mesh, the main role is to improve the whiteness, brightness and smoothness.

Limestone Grinding Mill

Limestone Grinding Mill

The process of bicarbonate powder production line generally includes two stages of crushing and grinding, limestone/calcite raw ore is sent to the jaw crusher for crushing after preliminary washing and removal of impurities; next, the crushed bicarbonate is sent by bucket elevator to the silo to wait for the material, and it will be crushed by the fine crusher with the analyzer. Mining stone crushing equipment is mainly used for the crushing of large ores in the mining process, the process of crushing or crushed stone, generally refers to the original ore after blasting in the mountain, processed to meet the requirements of the finished product particle size. Along with the development of mining stone crusher, the mining process has been improved to a certain extent, and the stone crusher is listed as the core equipment for large-scale mining processing. According to the feed size of the ore and the size of the discharge particle size, the stone crusher is suitable for the field of coarse, medium and fine crushing of ore. The development of crusher is based on the continuous improvement of crusher application, and the performance of the product is also improving to meet the needs of the majority.

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