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What is the process of water magnesite grinding process, how to configure the production line

zkj/ Release time : 2023-12-01

In nature, magnesite is dominated by magnesium hydroxide, which has a high magnesium content. Due to the excellent physical and chemical properties of magnesite, as well as the rapid development of related technologies, its industrial value is increasing. Preparation of flame retardant is an important use of magnesite. Used as a flame retardant for polymer materials, in the application of chemical decomposition depends on the heat absorption and release of water to play a flame retardant role, with non-toxic, non-corrosive processing machinery, decomposition of magnesium oxide generated by the chemical nature of the stability of the advantages of a kind of green environmentally friendly flame retardant, in recent years, it has become the development of the flame retardant industry, the more rapid varieties. The use of pressurized carbonization of high-grade magnesite powder, direct production of lightweight magnesium oxide. Water magnesite method of preparing magnesium oxide process is simple, low cost, easy to realize industrially.

It is reported that foreign countries with water magnesite and dolomite in high temperature forging into magnesium and calcium oxides, and then grinding, and then add organic binder, pressed into the mold, the second forging, made of refractory brick products. Water magnesite as a refractory material has been widely developed in foreign countries. High calcium content of magnesium hydroxide slurry can be made with wrought water magnesite and appropriate amount of calcium oxide. It can be widely used in the removal of metals, heavy metal ions, and flue gas desulfurization. The application of hydromagnesite is much more than that, and with the development of related technology, its application range will continue to expand. In this research, we process water magnesite by ultrafine crushing technology to prepare ultrafine water magnesite powder, and then use surface chemistry method, add surfactant, and through the surfactant and particle surface chemical reaction, and surface coating treatment, in order to change the surface state of the particles, improve the surface activity, so that the surface produces a new physical and chemical functions, to achieve the purpose of surface modification, so as to improve the dispersion of the surface of the powder and the compatibility, etc.

Magnesite Grinding Mill

Magnesite Grinding Mill

Due to the continuous rise of ultrafine grinding equipment and technological innovation, as well as from the cost, energy consumption, environmental protection and other considerations, YGM ultrafine mill, LUM ultrafine vertical mill and other high-tech products, accounting for more and more market share. Whether it is Raymond mill, longitudinal pendulum mill, ring roller mill or vertical grinding, powder making equipment products are serving customers, only to understand what the customer wants, to meet the needs of the customer things, in order to truly compete in the market based on the competition, so for the water magnesite ultrafine grinding processing of the customer, Liming Heavy Industry is also designed for the customer.

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