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What are the reasons that affect the production capacity of stone crusher

zkj/ Release time : 2023-12-18

Crusher types are also endless today, Liming Heavy Industry, for example, the production of crushing equipment are mainly jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, composite crusher, European version of the impact crusher, impact crusher, roll crusher, in the standard is divided into how to cope with the crusher yield problem, Liming Heavy Industry today for everyone to introduce the crusher yield impact factors:

Stone crusher

Stone crusher

(1) the hardness of the ore. The hardness of the ore is expressed in terms of the compressive strength of the ore or the Platts hardness coefficient. Obviously, the harder the ore. The greater the compressive strength, the lower the productivity. Conversely, the higher the productivity.

(2) the humidity of the material. Humidity wood body on the shape of the crushing effect is not great. But with the material containing mud and powdered ore when the amount of fine-grained materials will be due to increased humidity and agglomeration or withered in the coarse particles, thus increasing the viscosity. Reduce the discharge rate, so that the production capacity decreased, in serious cases, will cause the discharge mouth blocked, affecting the normal production.

(3) The density of the ore. Crusher capacity and ore density is directly proportional to the same crusher. In the crushing density of the ore, high production capacity. Conversely, its production capacity is low.

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