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What equipment is included in the 500 tons per hour mechanism sand production line

zkj/ Release time : 2023-12-19

How much is the mechanism sand equipment that produces 400-500 square meters a day? There are big and small sand making machines, according to different capacity standards, selecting the right model, can be in a reasonable investment range, fully harvest the production benefits, but also to achieve the rational use of resources. A day out of 400-500 square meters of mechanism sand, a day of ten hours of work, equivalent to 40-50 square meters of sand an hour, this capacity is still relatively small.

Mechanized sand production line

Mechanized sand production line

Liming Heavy Industry produces different models of sand making machine, the capacity is different, the capacity of large and small, small about 30 tons per hour, the big one can reach thousands of tons per hour, our company model is relatively rich, in Liming Heavy Industry can choose the right model. Liming Heavy Industry sand making machine is also known as fine crusher, PCL sand making machine with traditional sand making process, good granularity of the material, to meet the needs of basic sand making, low price, suitable for limited investment, production requirements are relatively loose production line; of course, as a strength of the manufacturer, our company has launched the VIS sand making machine, 5X sand making machine, and the VSI6X Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher, with advanced production principle, high sand making efficiency, stable and reliable operation, more and more material and more and more and more tons. The production principle is advanced, the sand making efficiency is high, the operation is stable and reliable, and the discharged material is more and faster and better.

No matter which kind of sand making equipment, Liming Heavy Industry can guarantee the high quality and perfect function, from the production line planning, to equipment selection, to the later installation and commissioning, one-stop service, to ensure that the user can be adapted to a satisfactory production line.

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