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What crushing equipment is needed for the beneficiation process of metal ore

zkj/ Release time : 2023-12-20

The reason why the crusher crushing granularity is not the same, mainly related to the structure of the crushing equipment, of course, also related to the crushing process. Where external forces will be large particles of material into small particles of material process, are called crushing, the use of machinery are called crusher. The following is a brief introduction to the crusher for coarse, medium and fine crushing operations how to select the type?

Metal Ore

Metal Ore

1, the more common crushing process in the metal processing plant is coarse, medium and fine crushing and screening operations of the three closed-circuit crusher process, but there are also two open or closed-circuit crushing process. The first section of the three-section crushing process, i.e. coarse crushing, generally uses jaw crusher or gyratory crusher; the second section, i.e. medium crushing, mostly uses the standard cone crusher; the third section, i.e. fine crushing, often uses the short-head type cone crusher. For the processing capacity of small mineral processing plant, the third section can be used roller crusher.

2, in the two sections of a closed-circuit crushing process, the last section of the more medium-sized cone crusher, in a small plant or crushing brittle materials, can be used in the impact crusher or hammer crusher. In addition to following the above principles of crusher selection, of course, we also need to consider the characteristics of the material, production capacity, etc., so that we can choose the right crusher.

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