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What are the advantages of choosing impact crusher to process and deal with river pebbles

zkj/ Release time : 2023-12-25

China's river pebble resources are numerous, and at present the river pebble sand production line has been built around the world, which has strongly guaranteed the supply of high-quality sand and gravel aggregate for national infrastructure projects. In the sand production line, different types of coarse and fine crushing equipment are needed. Impact crusher is a kind of crushing machinery using impact energy, usually as the second or third process of crushing, after the jaw crusher crushes large materials, and then to the impact crusher, and then crushed into the 20~60mm particles needed by customers.

Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher

The impact crusher's crushing effect on the material has the following processes: the first step is the free crushing stage, the material enters into the crushing cavity, and is immediately subjected to the impact of the plate hammer and the mutual impact between the materials, and at the same time, the friction between the plate hammer and the material and the material, so that the material in the crushing cavity is crushed. Then, due to the impact of the plate hammer on the high-speed rotor, the material obtains a very high speed, and then, it hits the impact plate, so that the material is further crushed, which is the rebound crushing stage. After that, it is the grinding crushing stage, the materials which are not crushed by the above two crushing effects and larger than the size of the discharge opening are crushed by the grinding of the rotating hammer head at the discharge opening.

Impact crusher is a kind of crushing equipment with a long history, compared with the traditional hammer crusher, the working principle of the two is similar, both of them are crushing materials by impact, but the structure and working process are different, the main difference is: the plate hammer of the impact crusher meets the input materials from the bottom up and sends it to the impact plate above, while the hammer of the hammer crusher strikes the materials along the direction of the materials' descent. The difference is that the hammer head of the hammer crusher strikes the material in the direction of its fall.

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