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Jaw Crusher Processing Metal Ore Processing Flow

zkj/ Release time : 2023-12-26

With the rapid development of the economy, infrastructure continues to strengthen, so that our crusher industry has ushered in a new development, we know that in the sand and gravel industry in the jaw crusher process, so for our customers, the jaw crusher feeding process is necessary to understand, the following small introduction to you.

 Jaw crusher feeding, should require must be in operation for half an hour, to observe whether the operation is good, there is no noise, to be normal before crushing work. And, the initial feeding should be small size crushed stone or all finished materials, which can make the machine in the initial operation, the jaw crusher does not appear vibration phenomenon; into the jaw crusher materials should be gradually increased until the full load operation.

Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher

The granularity of the crushed materials should meet the requirements of the equipment, the materials put into the crushing chamber must be all the materials after screening. If not, should be in the jaw crusher before the process of adding a vibrating screen, will not meet the material sent back to continue crushing, which is conducive to increasing the throughput capacity, to improve the productivity of the jaw crusher has a great role. Because these materials do not conform to the machine can fill the slot between the jaw plate prongs, so that the effective height of the prongs is reduced, the material between the jaw plate is broken only by virtue of the pressure, so that the crushing force of the jaw plate on the material to reduce the material crushed out of the material effect is not good.

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