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Precautions for using impact crusher

zkj/ Release time : 2024-01-08

The advantage of the impact crusher is a good particle size, for the particle size has certain requirements, the impact crusher is the first choice of equipment, impact crusher so its own unique advantages and widely used, the majority of customers from the beginning of the purchase of the crusher to the operation of the later stage of the operation step notes are as follows:

1, the installation of the impact crusher can not be sloppy, when the ground is fixed, choose a flat and solid ground. Because the power of the equipment is constantly getting bigger, the shaking produced by crushing is inevitable. If you can't fix it firmly, it will affect the stability of the machine body and cause safety hazards.

2, before the first use of the impact crusher, to carry out trial work, it is recommended that customers in the presence of technical personnel. Mainly examine the rotor, hammer head, and easy to wear parts in the work of the abnormal state and abnormal sound. In the case of the screws are not solid, it is easy to appear test drive problems.

Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher

3, the impact crusher must be started with no load, before starting and after stopping, the impact crusher should be cleaned and maintained. During the use, workers are not allowed to stay for a long time in the safety line.

4, no matter what kind of abnormal conditions, must be shut down in the inspection, rigorous operation in the open position to check. After stopping the machine, cut off the power supply, before checking the cause of the accident. Rigorous overload work.

5, electrical grounding, and insulation protection, non-professionals shall not switch the motor, monitor the current and voltage abnormalities. After the purchase of equipment, crusher manufacturers will provide the use of the equipment manual, the customer should be strictly in accordance with the instruction manual standardized operation, so that the safety is also guaranteed, especially the use of the first period, more should be standardized operation to avoid human losses!

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