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What are the reasons for abnormal vibration of sand making machine

zkj/ Release time : 2024-01-18

Sand making machine is the core machine in sand and gravel production line, it is the ideal equipment for producing sand for construction, Henan Liming Heavy Industry sand making machine absorbs the advantages of similar products abroad, it is the more effective, practical and reliable artificial sand making equipment in the industry.

Sand production line is suitable for crushing and sand making of soft or medium-hard and very hard materials, which is widely used in mineral processing, construction, engineering machinery, waste utilization and other industries. Sand and gravel production line process equipment work will produce a certain degree of vibration, so the sand making machine in the design of the foundation and the installation of the foundation, need to take into account the vibration of the machine equipment. Understanding these reasons we can find a solution to this problem.

sand and gravel production line

sand and gravel production line

1, the conveyor conveying raw materials too fast, more than the sand making machine equipment can work materials. The internal work of the machine is incomplete. This phenomenon can be achieved by adjusting the conveyor's unit time conveying capacity.

2, sand making machine parts (wear-resistant block) wear caused by the bias weight, poor operation leads to vibration of the body. Replacement of wear-resistant parts can eliminate this vibration phenomenon.

3, sand making machine impeller discharge channel is not smooth, there is a clogging phenomenon. Therefore, the internal material of the sand making machine is too much, and the work is incomplete. This phenomenon requires stopping the machine to clean up the impeller channel or temporarily stop the material supply so that the blocked material can be discharged by itself.

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