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What are the reasons that affect the working efficiency of ore crusher

zkj/ Release time : 2024-01-19

The production capacity of a crusher refers to the amount of material that can be crushed by the crusher equipment in a unit of time, and tons are used here as its unit. Knowing the capacity of the crusher and its role, we basically know where the factors affecting its capacity come from.

First of all, it is the factor of material, which is simply the hardness, viscosity, humidity and particle size of the finished product, and secondly, it is the factor of the crushing machine itself.

stone crusher

stone crusher

1、Materials Hardness factor: the higher the hardness of the material, the greater the difficulty of crushing, the longer the time, the more serious wear and tear on the crusher equipment, this is the inevitable cause and effect factors. Viscosity factor: the more viscous the material is, the easier it is to adhere, the more unfavorable it is to the crushing of the material, then the crushing capacity of the equipment will naturally decrease. Humidity factor: similar to the viscosity factor, easy to adhere, easy to cause clogging. Finished product size factor: the higher the fineness requirement, the finer the finished product size, the smaller the crushing capacity.

2, the equipment itself factors equipment wear resistance factors: the worse the wear resistance of the crusher equipment parts, the worse the crushing capacity, such as the hammer head of the crusher, jaw crusher jaw plate and so on.

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