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Configuration plan of gangue mobile crushing production line

zkj/ Release time : 2024-01-19

With the increase in national energy consumption, the gangue will continue to increase, the state has introduced to encourage the use of industrial waste residue production of wall materials related to the implementation of tax incentives, gangue as a resource that can be utilized in the brick-making industry has been vigorously developed.

Gangue crushed by the crusher plus yellow mud, mixed, after aging, into the mold molding, let and then after drying, and finally burned into finished bricks. This, improve the billet plasticity is very important. This requires the gangue to use appropriate high-fine crushing and aging technology. Nowadays, the gangue brick making technology is more and more advanced, the gangue crushed particle size requirements are also more and more high, often in the coarse crusher discharge is too large, the mill is too fine and caught in a dilemma, Liming Heavy Industry launched a fine crushing type impact crusher, specializing in the crushing of fine particles of ore.

gangue crusher

gangue crusher

We comply with the trend of development, the use of specialized mode, fully responsible for the crushing and grinding of the required products, supporting more reasonable, more exquisite technology, professional jaw crusher, high-impact impact crusher, multi-cavity cone crusher and other popular crusher equipment as well as fine crushing grinding equipment, high throughput Raymond mill, ultra-strong grinding pressure high-pressure grinding mill, ultra-fine powder production of the three-ring micro-powder grinding mill and other fine powder equipment in the continuous rushing forward! In the ever-rushing mechanical torrent, Liming Heavy Industry has been adhering to the production concept of reliable quality, with wisdom and seriousness to be a high-quality creators.

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