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Lime rotary kiln coal powder preparation mill manufacturers recommended.

fxy/ Release time : 2023-03-20

The market for lime rotary kiln processing of quicklime gap is huge, quicklime can be used as desulfurization agent, and in steel, alumina, refractory materials, calcium carbide and other industrial applications are widely used, with the progress and development of society, the demand for quicklime increased, leading to the development of lime rotary kiln powder industry around the world, but also increased the demand for coal powder, I will take you today to understand the lime rotary kiln coal powder processing Use to the grinding machine, which manufacturer of grinding equipment quality is good?

Coal powder can provide a constant source of heat for the processing of rotary kiln, widely used in industrial production, coal itself has a very high heat, pay attention to its flammable and explosive nature, so the choice of coal mill to pay more attention to safety. I recommend for you - LM vertical mill of Liming Heavy Industry, LM vertical mill focuses on the processing of coal powder field, integrating crushing, drying, grinding, grading and conveying, is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving grinding equipment, at the same time can be used for raw material and clinker grinding, or as a pre-powder grinding equipment to enhance the subsequent substantial mill The LM vertical mill roller is not in direct contact with the grinding plate, which reduces the wear and tear of the equipment, and the grinding roller and grinding sleeve can be used on both sides, which makes the mechanical life double, and the whole machine adopts negative pressure system, with little dust and noise pollution, which can meet the requirements of green environment protection.

Liming Heavy Industry Guangxi lime kiln coal powder preparation case.

LM Vertical Mill

Equipment selection: LM1700M vertical grinding mill

Single unit output: 21-31 tons per hour

Finished product size: 200 mesh

Customer comments: LM vertical mill has high efficiency, low energy consumption, thin oil lubrication is very convenient, no need to add lubricating oil frequently, can work uninterruptedly for more than a year, maintenance reserved access, very convenient, the time required to replace wearing parts is about three or four hours, the engineer investigated the field situation, recommended the equipment to meet our production site, bringing good economic benefits.

Liming Heavy Industry is very grateful to get the customer's approval, our company has nearly 40 years of production and processing experience, using one-stop turnkey service, engineers will recommend the right equipment according to your needs, while free customization of the exclusive production line, welcome your consultation.

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