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Which equipment is used for deep processing and powdering of high calcium stone?

fxy/ Release time : 2023-03-20

High calcium stone is actually limestone, also known as calcium carbonate, belongs to a new type of environmentally friendly filler, is widely used in the production and processing of plastic products, can enhance the flexibility and stability of plastic products. And the low cost of high calcium stone, can compress the production cost, and at the same time can improve the quality of products.

High calcium stone deep processing can get different fineness of high calcium stone powder, can be used in the field, while the choice of powder making machine is also different, for example: processing processing 80-400 purpose Raymond mill, 80-600 purpose vertical mill, 325-2500 purpose ultra-fine grinding mill, according to the actual production needs of customers to match the grinding machinery, to avoid unnecessary resource consumption.

What type of mill is used to process 2000 mesh high calcium stone powder? 2000 mesh is equivalent to 5 microns, when high calcium stone is ground to the micron level, its surface energy is greatly increased. The increase of surface energy can make the high calcium stone particles play a greater functional role in the polymer, and improve the added value of high calcium stone powder.

Liming Heavy Industry recommends you to use LUM ultra-fine vertical mill, high calcium stone powder can be used in many fields, the particle size of the powder is directly proportional to the price, the finer the powder, the higher the market price. LUM vertical mill is a new type of ultra-fine grinding equipment designed and developed by Liming Heavy Industry based on LM vertical mill and the introduction of modern ultra-fine vertical mill roll technology, which is the ideal equipment for large-scale non-metallic ore powder making scale plant construction.

LUM ultra-fine grinding mill

LUM ultra-fine grinding mill

The grinding curve of roller sleeve and liner plate specially designed to realize the principle of ultra-fine grinding is easier to form the material layer than ordinary vertical mill when used for ultra-fine powder grinding, which makes the mill grind to the required fineness at one time. Adopting the principle of multi-head powder separator, and each rotor can be frequency-controlled, the fineness of the finished product can be achieved within the selected range, and it can be graded without secondary air selection, without the existence of the lower product.

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